The Accounting Manual 2017
  • Redovisning och revision
  • Redovisning och Revision

The Accounting Manual 2017

Svensk Redovisning
The Accounting Manual 2017
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Om boken

THE ACCOUNTING MANUAL offers a guide to accounting using the BAS accounting plan. The Swedish version of the Accounting Plan with associated instructions and in-depth material has been revised and divided into two books; one with a focus on current recording of transactions and theother on annual accounts. This English version has also been revised accordingly and is based on the Swedish book for current recording of transactions. In addition the English version includes references to laws and regulations that must be applied when preparing annual accounts. Reference is made to both Swedish and international standards.
THE ACCOUNTING MANUAL is especially useful for Swedish parent companies with non-Swedish subsidiaries that often require all group companies to use the BAS accounting plan. The Accounting Manual is of equally high value for non-Swedish parent companies with subsidiaries in Sweden where non-Swedish employees often require information from the companies’ accounting records.
THE ACCOUNTING MANUAL’s contents are produced by BAS, the organisation responsible for the BAS accounting plan. The best informed and reliable guidance you can get, fast and simple. Always updated in accordance with the latest regulations.