Sweden's Seventh National Report under the Convention on Nuclear Safety. Ds 2016:30
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Sweden's Seventh National Report under the Convention on Nuclear Safety. Ds 2016:30


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General conclusions: The national reports for the review meetings according to Article 5 of the Convention call for a self-assessment of each Contracting Party with regard to compliance with the obligations of the Convention. For Sweden, this selfassessment has demonstrated compliance with all the obligations of the Convention, as shown in Chapter B of this national report.The extensive modernization programs introduced in 2005 and the power uprating programmes for Swedish NPPs have now been completed and major investments have been made by the industry in the ten operating reactors to improve safety and prepare for long-term operation. However, during 2015 decisions have been taken by the plants owners on a phase-out of the four oldest nuclear power reactors during the period 2017-2020. The decisions were based on the overall business and energy market situation and other circumstances in the past few years.There have been no events during the review period with serious consequences for safety at Swedish NPPs. However, some events occurred during the review period which have importance in respect of the intergrity of the safety barriers. For example, one event was the corrosion in the bottom part of the containment liner of Ringhals unit 2 indicated during a regular integrated containment air test. Following the severe accident at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant in 2011 and the EU stress tests in 2012, a Swedish national action plan covering allSwedish NPPs has been developed to implement lessons learned from the accident and to deal with the conclusions from the second extraordinary meeting under the Convention on Nuclear Safety in 2012 and the regular Review Meeting in 2014.
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