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Tools and methods for norm-creative innovation


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  • Utgivare: Vinnova
  • Upplaga: 1
  • Utgiven: 2017
  • ISBN/ 978-918753748-6
  • Ämnen: Offentlig rätt, Socialrätt, Skola och utbildning
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Om publikationen

NOVA contains concrete tools and hands-on methods for anyone who wishes to achieve norm-creative solutions - that is, solutions that are inclusive, accessible and sustainable.

Products, services, environments and other solutions today limit many people because they are created based on a too narrow understanding of their situations and underlying needs. One reason is that there is often a lack of knowledge of how norms and values influence the results of innovation- and development work. This material supports developers in both analyzing needs, and translating knowledge into innovative and value creating solutions.

The material focuses on norms that discriminate, but it is useful in all innovation contexts. After all, real innovation is about challenging norms!
NOVA is a box with 52 method-cards. Size 120 mm x 185 mm.