Digital Hearings
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Digital Hearings

Mika Savola, Ylli Dautaj, Bruno Gustafsson, Rolf Åbjörnsson

Civil Procedure and Arbitration


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Digital Hearings

Digital Hearings

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Om boken

Digital Hearings - Civil Procedure and Arbitration is an anthology that includes a collection of in-depth submissions from renowned judges, arbitrators, counsel, and scholars engaging with difficult questions related to digital hearings.

All authors have had their share of experience with digital procedures in court and in arbitration and so have the editors. Drawing on their expertise, the book contains a summary of pros and cons, do’s and don’t’s, culminating in a nuanced articulation of what digital procedures are, why digital procedures may be good, when to proceed wholly or partially with digital features, and how to best plan, organize, and execute an effective digital procedure that does not
undercut the fundamentals of civil litigation or arbitration, including the due process of law.