Diffusion of Organisational Innovations
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Diffusion of Organisational Innovations

Learning from selected programmes


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Diffusion of Organisational Innovations

Diffusion of Organisational Innovations

  • Utgivare: Vinnova
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  • Utgiven: 2013
  • ISBN/Best.nr: 978-918651797-7
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Om publikationen

A big challenge for VINNOVA and public innovation agencies in other countries is how we should design programmes that can increase innovativeness among existing companies. Therefore we commissioned this study to get an overview of interesting initiatives globally to learn from. As we know that this can be of interest for other agencies as well, we decided to share what we learned through this report.

This report is expected to be of interest to government agencies and other organisations with a mission to support business to achieve increased competitiveness. This applies particularly to those who are considering launching or already are operating larger-scale systematic organised efforts in the form of programmes designed to effectively reach out to many businesses.

The content in the report is based on descriptions and analyses of seven programmes selected among two hundred identified programmes around the world. The selected programmes aim to contribute to improved management practices, in most cases in the form of more or less clearly defined organisational innovations such as Lean Production or different models for Innovation Management.
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