Curriculum for the Preschool - Lpfö 98. Revised 2010

Curriculum for the Preschool - Lpfö 98. Revised 2010


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WE AWAIT A DECISION FROM SKOLVERKET IF THEY WILL PUBLISH THE NEW EDITION OF LÄROPLAN FÖR FÖRSKOLAN IN ENGLISH AS WELL - OR IF THEY DECIDE ONLY TO ENTER AN AMENDMENT TO THE EXCISTING VERSION.This revised version of the curriculum for the Swedish preschool is based on The Education Act (2010:800). The act stipulates that education in the preschool aims at children acquiring and developing knowledge and values. It should promote all children’s development and learning, and a lifelong desire to learn. An important task of the preschool is to impart and establish respect for human rights and the fundamental democratic values on which Swedish society is based. Each and every person working in the preschool should promote respect for the intrinsic value of each person as well as respect for our shared environment.Contents:
  • Goals and guidelines
  • Norms and Values
  • Development and Learning
  • Influence of the Child
  • Preschool and Home
  • Co-operation between the preschool class, the school and the leisure-time centre
  • Follow-up, Evaluation and Development
  • Responsibility of the Head of the Preschool
Översättning till engelska av "Läroplan för förskolan Lpfö 98. Reviderad 2010".
  • Utgivare: Skolverket
  • Omfång: 16
  • ISBN: 978-913832575-9